YouTube Drives Traffic to Any Publishing Sites: Ways to Use YouTube

Everyone is always looking for ways to get more traffic and talking about how traffic is the lifeblood of any publishing sites as well as to any article pages. After the Panda update YouTube has become the best traffic source. By using it you also get to tap into one of the biggest communities online and share your contents with other million users.

YouTube Founders
YouTube Founders: From left to right: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim – Photo Credits Wikipedia

It is a user-generated community where people post videos, comment on things they like and engage in a conversation with others. And because it is a user-generated, people have more trust in what they see on YouTube. It is considered as the most persuasive marketing vehicle to drive hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your sites and to your article pages.

Reasons why you should not ignore YouTube:

  • It is now the third most visited website on the Internet.
  • It is the second most popular search engine online behind Google – people want now video-answers.
  • It is now owned by Google and videos are indexed right insight Google’s Search results.
  • Now it gets over 3 billion views a day.

Ways to use YouTube

There are many ways to use it for your writing hobby such as:

  • You can create videos about your writing hobbies.
  • You can promote other videos and include your URL link.
  • Every video you created – you can add on the description some of the URL links of your article pages.
  • You can use your Website URL link, Blog sites URL links or your other publishing sites you are connected with as your official website at YouTube.
  • There – you can map the road for your writing and other stuff by way of activation of your Facebook connection, Twitter connection and other connections you have because what ever you updated at YouTube if they are publicly shared they will be sent off automatically to those sites with out doing the job.
Facebook Comments
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