If a Writer is Bored His Readers will be Equally Bored

If a writer is bored his readers will be equally bored. So it is not good idea to slog away day and night for a weekend and then take several weeks off to compensate for work done. This leads to mental slackness and poor creativity. Better results are achieved by regular daily writing or production.

A writer Arnold Bennett, novelist and journalist
A writer, novelist, journalist Arnold Bennett – Photo Credits: Wikipedia

“I am not a factory worker to be constrained by regular hours and continual production. I can only work when a feeling of inspiration occurs to me.”

For writers, that attitude is negative and unproductive. So-called writers with that outlook on the craft will write very little of publishable standard. Excellent fiction and non-fiction have been produced by writers who sat down and dredged up ideas. Any staff newspaper journalist who told his editor that he was waiting to be visited by inspiration, would very quickly be told that he was in the wrong job.

Let us look and read a short account of Arnold Bennett – he was born in 1867 to 1931. He was an enormously successful novelist and journalist. He was a great believer in steady work. He said, “Even mediocre talent, when combined with fixity of purpose and regular industry will, infallibly, result in gratifying success.”

If it happened you are a writer, who accidentally has visited this page and presently reading this piece, you are lucky enough to learn much from the life and work of Arnold Bennett. I used him as example to give you at least a little inspiration. He believed firmly in the saying “every day its line”, and when he was at the top of his creative form he could turn out about 6000 words a day. All those words were written by hand with his famous stylo pen – a forerunner of today’s ballpoint.

Arnold Bennett’s attitude to work he resembled Trollope, for he abhorred idleness and artistic temperament which can can easily become an excuse for not writing. He maintained that nothing in life was humdrum and he often talked about the interestingness of existence. Enthusiam like that shines through a man’s work, for if a writer is bored his readers will be equally bored.

In other words, Arnold Bennett emphasized the motto learnt by many professional writers from their early years, that the only sure way to write is to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.

So, if you are a beginner writer or a beginner blogger, do not give up your passion, stay firmly with your daily production. A daily writing or blogging is a good training.

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