WordWar Between BayarangJournalists and Duterte’s Supporters

The wordwar between BayarangJournalists and Duterte’s supporters is usually happening when the journalists of Rappler, GMA7, ABS-CBN and other media networks journalists have delivered their news reports to public with the intention to destroy the credibility of the newly- elected president in exchange for money paid to them from an individual, institution or from a political party that against Duterte’s leadership.

And Facebook has become the battle-ground for the tens of millions of Duterte’s supporters against those bayarang journalists who published those news reports intended to demoralize the personality of the president and to destroy all of his good-deeds for the country and for the good of its citizens. Tens of thousands of different reactions from Duterte’s supporters flooded Facebook to depend the president.

The wordwar at Facebook has become intensified. Bashingtrip has become trend and flavor of everyday life of Duterte’s supporters and followers against the supporters and followers of another political party or against the supporters and followers of GMA, Rappler and ABS-CBN media networks journalists. Aside from being the battle-ground, Facebook has become the right place to correct and to validate for those misleading news reports that are flying across the internet written by those bayarangjournalists.

Kanlungan ng ibang BayarangJournalists
Kanlungan ng ibang BayarangJournalists ABS-CBN

Ang ganitong sinaryo na nangyayari sa Facebook ngayon ay hindi naganap nang naunang dekada. Dati ang mga Facebook users ay naka concentrate lamang sa pakikipagkaibigan sa ibang users, mostly of their time were used on chatting other users on chatroom, sharing their videos and photos to friends and relatives and other business minded people used Facebook to promote their products and services.

Ngayon mostly of the Filipino people ay gising na. Ang iba sa kanila ay nakiki Wordwar na rin. Pagdating sa political issues buhay silang makikipagpalitan ng kanilang mga kuro-kuro at opinyon which is good. This is to show that the Filipino people ay hindi na magpapauto. Sa loob ng tatlong dekada ang mga Pinoy ay namuhay sa kamangmangan at kasinungalingan!

Facebook Comments
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