Will You Agree that Sex Education Should Be Taught to Young Ones

I believe that sex education should be taught to young ones with values – needed to reduce premarital sex, early marriages and moral depravity. The youth should be trained to become responsible and morally upright citizens. Children and youths should be taught how to cultivate values and how to admire them. All these should be integrated with sex education – to help them appreciate the beauty of sex as a gift of God to mankind in the context of marriage not from what they discovered from pornographic magazines and video shows.

Sex education
Sex education can be taught to young ones with values.

One of my advocacy subjects is sex education and I thought it should be taught to young ones to correct misconceptions about sex and sexuality. For the past fifty-six years that I am lively kicking off in this planet, I observe that every time a person heard and read the word sex – he immediately defines it maliciously as sexual intercourse, foreplay or love-making with a sexual partner. For me that definition is incomplete.

There are many reasons that sex education should be taught to young ones, namely:

  • Young ones need to be educated early about sex to become aware and to become more responsible in dealing with this matter.
  • Teaching about sex education should start at home but parents should refrain from using the word sex to avoid any malicious meanings that the word may transport to young minds. They can use synonyms for it such as male and female gender, femininity, manhood, manliness, masculinity, sexuality, womanhood, womanliness and many more.
  • Since malice among youths start at a young age, teaching about sex education is a necessity – to avoid the young ones to indulge in premarital sex at early age.
  • Aside from home sex education should be also taught in school.
  • Teenagers lives are crucial because this is the time when they are attracted to the opposite sexes. Here sex education is a good move for children and teenagers to let them fully understand the meaning of their being.

Some people said that sex is the ultimate expression of love and no amount of education could change a person’s sexual behavior, particularly that of the sexually active youth. As a father, I objected it. I am not here to tell the world that what I am sharing to everyone should be accepted. I know of course, everyone has his own right for his views and opinions and they should be respected.

On my journal is a record of an event. I was a first year high school stud at that time. One of my female classmates who was also at my age had become the apple of everyone’s eyes. She was beautiful with black long hair down her back. She smiled beautifully with dimple on her cheeks. One of my male classmates was attracted about her. He courted her and showed his love for the girl. And in a short of time they became young lovers. Now the problem started. Three months before finishing the school year – the young girl got pregnant. These young lovers became the hot subject in our school that caused them to be expelled out. Now I will ask: Who will suck the problem?

For me sex education is a healthy move. If parents become too hesitant to talk openly to their children about sex and just let their children learn about it by themselves – there will be more unwed mothers who are only in their teens. And maybe more abortions could be expected. Having sexual urges at this young age with their shallow knowledge of the cause and effects of replicating acts they saw on adult DVDs, this could result in unwanted babies and sometimes a deadly disease. In this world of high technology nothing can be hidden from children and teenagers.

I consider High School as the most interesting phase of school life. On this stage new things and experiences are to be explored and to be enjoyed by young students. Also on this stage is the hot point for them to start to attract the opposite sexes. I still remember my favorite subject was biology. It taught us about the parts and functions of the human body. I learned from that subject that red blood cell is formed of molecules. I also studied the five sense organs. I considered them as the most interesting part of biology subject. I learned about the power of eyes for sight or vision which many poets described them as the gates for the souls but for me they are the gates to make mistakes. The eyes are the first to see and perceive things before sending them into the mind or brain.

I also learned about the power of ears for hearing or audition. I learned that ears are responsible to detect the vibrations of any sound through an avenue such air. Inside the ear is a section responsible to ascertain the mechanical motion and other vibrations before sending them to brain. I also learned about the power of tongue for taste and the power of mouth to bite, to eat, to drink and to speak. I learned that it is the responsible of tongue to identify and to differentiate sweet from salty, sour from bitter taste.

I also learned about the power of the nose for smell. It is the responsible of nose to detect the different types of odors from sweat, pungent odor from a stagnant water, odor from our armpits, odor from decaying animals. The nose can also identify sweet, salty, sour and bitter. I also learned about the sense of touch. I learned that hands and fingers are not only responsible for this sense. Tongue, mouth, skin, nails and hair can also be used for touch. I insist that these five sense organs are our physiological capacities that provide inputs for perception and they are useful for our sex life and education.

I believe that the best teachers ever produced in the world to teach the offspring are the parents either they are biological parents or an adoptive parent. The parents should be the first to draw the actions to teach the children about life and their sexuality and it will start at home. I cannot accept it  when parents find it hard to explain sex to their children when they begin asking questions. Mostly of the time parents often let their children learn about it by themselves. If the parents detest doing their part  in their children exploration for such a delicate matter their friends might feed the meaningless with complication and possible undesired conclusion. Sex here is not only about sexual act. It regards also about all the aspects of life and its existence as a human being. Sometimes parents forgot that they are the first people in the world to cherish their children that moments they arrived in their lives.

When my first child arrived, I was inside the delivery room when my beloved wife had labored for our first baby girl. I saw where the child came out. I heard her first cry and I was the first to kiss her pool of blood before her mother. I was the one who brought her to the lavatory where she had got her first bath. I saw how the nurse cut off her umbilical cord. And when the child made her first junk, I was the first to clean it.

To sum up it all, I would say that it is the parents who really know better about their children than any other people in the world. It is the parents who know better what their children wants, likes and dislikes. There are many ways to tell and to teach children if parents really are willing to teach them. They should not wait children come home with bold magazines, CD and DVD from their peers and watch them and tell them that this is the way we are created Dad, Mom!

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