Walk-Out Queen of Philippine Senate Strikes Again

An uproar between Senators at the Philippine Senate during the EJK investigation under the Chairmanship of Senator Gordon on October 3, 2016, has resulted for a sudden walk-out of Senator Leila De Lima when the Senate Committee Investigating Team found that the witness Mr. Edgar Matobato has left the Senate floor without informing Chairman Gordon and the whole Committee members.

The video that I included on this article has all the details to answer all possible causes especially what pushed Senator De Lima to walk-out again from the Senate floor. Also, the video will give all the details, why Mr. Edgar Matobato has gone without informing the Committee as well as for the explanation of Senator Trillanes about his role for the disappearance of Matobato from the investigating team.

As far as I remember, the first recorded walk-out of Senator Leila De Lima from the Senate floor has happened during the privilege speech of Senator Peter Alan Cayetano. Senator Cayetano was on the middle of his privilege speech when Senator De Lima left the Senate floor without looking back and was followed by Senator Trillanes. The said walked out of De Lima has become a trending subject talks of media as well as it has become the hot topic to talk about on Facebook by the Netizens.

Senator Leila de Lima
Walk-Out Queen of Philippine Senate – Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

That day Facebook was flooded with all kinds of negative feedback against the Honorable Senator Leila De Lima. Some of the Netizens have turned it into a joke of the day. Senator De Lima has become the laughing-stock of the Netizens bashers, the joke reads “I just went to the CR for a while but when I returned I was no longer the Chairperson of the Committee on Justice.” For details about the joke visit: Senator Leila de Lima blames Duterte for Her Ouster.

Because of the incident happened, I guess there will be another awesome joke to come out again which will be based from the second walk-out of Senator De Lima from the Senate floor. And I would guess it, it maybe like this: “What on earth I have done? I just went out to take some fresh air but when I returned, the investigation of EJK (ExtraJuducial Killings) was officially suspended.”

Because Sen de Lima has become the most talks and most controversial subject to write for newspapers both on print and digital media nowadays, I considered her a newsmaker. There are lots of written articles about her that contribute largely in news reports during this period. She has become the favorite star for the netizens’ online-bashings as well. But did you know that Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the Communist Party in the Philippines is de Lima’s uncle?

From Senator de Lima’s short account of her online biography, I learned that she bears a long name of seven words as Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima. Her maternal family name is Magistrado and de Lima her paternal family name. She was born on August 27, 1959. She is the eldest daughter of the former Philippine COMELEC Commissioner Vicente de Lima and Norma Magistrado.

Her Aunt, Julie de Lima married Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the Communist Party in the Philippines (CPP) has become her uncle by marriage. Sen de Lima finished her Bachelor of Laws degree at San Beda College of Law in 1985 with honors as Salutatorian and one of the top ten of the 1985 Bar Examinations – she placed 8th with an 86.26% ratings.

Kung titingnan natin ang kaniyang family background, si Sen de Lima ay nagmula sa isang buena familia ng Iriga, Camarines Sur. Matalino at hindi pipitsuging abogada. Nang panahon ni former president Arroyo, she was apointed as the Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights in May 2008 but in return Sen de Lima has sent off former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to jail.

In the present, Sen de Lima ay kaliwa’t kanang humaharap ng iba’t ibang kaso na may koneksyon sa druga at korapsyon. Ito na kaya ang tinatawag na bad karma? Pera ba, kapangyarihan ba kung bakit hinayaan niyang hubaran ang kaniyang pagkatao, reputasyon at lahat na mayroon siya?

In social media, Senator de Lima has become the favorite subject for online bashings. Netizens called her in many names like: Magdalina ng Senado, Liar Queen, Tuwad Queen, Kubol Queen, Bilibid Dancing Queen, Bilibid Concert Queen and Walk-out Queen of Philippine Senate.

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