Simple Guidelines How to Use The Internet to Make Money Online

Bloggers and other sorts of online writers can use Internet for making money online legally and professionally. Online writers can enjoy the fun of blogging, the fun of joining to some of affiliate marketing, the fun of joining to some online forums, the fun of joining to some of social networks, the fun of uploading owned videos online, the fun of uploading owned photos online and the fun of sharing their awesome, original and inspiring articles to some of the writing sites available online that pay.

money from photos to Internet
Money from sharing your owned photos to Internet Cultural Center of The Philippines

I am sharing this method to other online writers – either he is a blogger, a would-be blogger or other type of online writers, the knowledge I got and learned from my online writing – first to my own blog site and from my blog site I ventured to other online sharing revenue sites. From those writing sites I earned and learned how to use the social networks and how to use the Internet to make money online professionally.

There is money from blogging. Yes. I purchased my own website domain. And the money I used was from my PayPal balance I earned from writing articles and publishing them to sites that pay like Wikinut. Now I am using my website to promote all the revenue sharing sites I am connected with and to tell the world that by writing for them one has the opportunity to enjoy his internet income.

There is money from joining to affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is using one website to drive traffic to another—is a form of online marketing, which is frequently overlooked by advertisers. While search engines, e-mail, and website syndication capture much of the attention of online retailers, affiliate marketing carries a much lower profile. This is free and open to all – who meet all the requirements they needed.

People participating in Internet forums may cultivate social bonds and interest groups for a topic that may form from the discussions. This is a good place where we can share our awesome columns or articles and other products online. And there are forum sites that pay for your ideas and opinions like Mylot, Get paid forum, Money maker group forums and there are more forum groups available online.

Online writers can use FB, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Twiends, MyLikes, Tumblr, Flickr, Forum Group Communities and other E-Groups available for this purpose. When you share your stuff to these sites you are also starting on networking with other users. And they can help you bring traffic and views to your online pages. They help you spread out your world status and connection. These social networks can help writers promote their awesome stuff and other products.

Internet Forums that Pay
Internet Forums that Pay

YouTube is one of the best places online to upload your original videos of any types and categories. YouTube is owned by Google. And you can monetize whatever videos you have uploaded on YouTube – by activating your Google AdSense account – all your videos will earn but make sure your videos adhere the rules and policies of Google YouTube. Aside from YouTube – Allvoices is also accepting original and unpublished videos online.

By uploading photos you owned on your blog sites or websites helps attract traffic and views to your online pages and there are publishing sites that pay for uploading photos on their sites too – like Picable. Anyone can upload photos on this site but make sure you owned the copyrights. And there are more sites that pay for uploading photos – just Google them.

There are hundred or even thousands of sharing revenue sites available for bloggers and other online writers. They are publishers who are hungry and thirsty for ideas from writers and would-be writers from around the globe. They paid for articles, photos, videos and other stuff submitted by its website content creators or its members like ExpertsColumn, HubPages, AllVoices and etc.

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