Senator Leila de Lima blames Duterte for Her Ouster

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The Lying Senator

Senator de Lima still cannot accept that she lost from the chairmanship of the Justice Committee on Human Rights. In front of the Senators, invited guests, witnesses and the million Filipinos and foreigners alike who’re watching live on thier TV screens during the 4th day of the Senate inquiry on ‘ExtraJudicial Killings’, she says “I turn over the chairmanship.” She’s proudly telling it to the whole world forgetting that she had walked out from the session hall on the middle of Senator Cayetano’s privilege speech.

I still remember, when at that time Senator Cayetano was on the middle of his privilege speech, Senator de Lima had left the Senate floor and stayed somewhere else and it was followed by Senator Trillanes who also had walked out. And after Senator Cayetano’s privilege speech, the Senate Committee had decided to move the Chairmanship and its members to vacant state. And for the records, it was Senator Manny Pacquiao who first initiated the move which was agreed by the rest of the Senators who were presents at that time. And it was followed to select the rightful Senator for the position of Chairmanship of Justice on Human Rights from among the Senators to replace Senator Leila de Lima.

When Senator de Lima insisted it that she had turned over the Chairmanship, it was a contradiction on the process of selection for the Chairmanship done by the Senators. Her declaration showed that she’s a liar, because Senator Gordon was the rightful senator chosen by senator’s vote to become the new Chairperson of Justice on Human Rights with 16 votes against 4+2+2. Meaning 16 Senators who voted Senator Gordon for the position of Chairmanship against 4 Senators who voted for Senator Leila de Lima to be retained as the Chair, 2 Senators who abstained and 2 Senators who were absent.

At present a rumor says that Sen de Lima is asking Duterte’s government to grant her the witness protection and immunity as she is willing to submit herself to stand as a credible state witness to testify and to reveal all what she knows about the illegal drugs in the country.

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One thought on “Senator Leila de Lima blames Duterte for Her Ouster

  1. Because of her fancies and whims, Senator Leila de Lima has become the laughing-stock in the Philippines. She is called by so many names: The lying queen senator, the senate whore, the tuwad queen, the presscon queen and etc. I just hope she would realize soon about the damage she has done for the Philippine Government, the Filipino people and her country.

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