Senator De Lima’s Dog will help prove that Her Sex Videos are Genuine

Senator de Lima’s dog will help to prove that her sex videos are genuine. Now the videos are ready for viewing in aid of legislation. In the videos, a dog was seen walking around the place where the actors were happily sharing their lust desires that according to the person who first watched the videos confirmed that it was De Lima’s dog.

There are about three different sex videos of Senator Leila De Lima that are now ready for public viewing by the House Investigating Team. In an interview, DOJ secretary Aguire said that in the three videos, the main players are three different sexually hot men playing lustfully with Senator Leila De Lima on bed.

Senator Leila De Lima
The singing Senator Honorable Leila De Lima – Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

Meanwhile, as the scheduled viewing of sex videos of Senator Leila De Lima at the Congress hearing is fast approaching, some of the Senate women senators like Grace Poe, Hontiverus, Binay have expressed a considerable opposition to the proposal of the House Investigating Team to view and to review the said sex videos. Also VP Robredo has disapproved it, including Senator De Lima’s close friends and LP supporters.

However, the majority of the netizens have flooded the net with their democratic rights insisting that the said sex videos of Senator Leila De Lima could be watched at Congress – to see if the sex scandal of honorable Senator De Lima is true or false and to prove also her innocent.

The videos with three different men in her time as Secretary of Justice is hard to imagine. Up to now Senator Leila De Lima is still pretending to be innocent. That is why those videos are important to show and to prove that honorable Senator Leila De Lima is guilty or not. For the sake of truth it must be shown at Congress in order to end up the issues regarding the illegal drugs syndicate in the Bilibid and in the whole country.

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