Self-discipline and Perseverance Make a Writer Out of You

To be a successful writer, you need self-discipline and perseverance. The other side of the coin – your reward – is enjoyment, the immense satisfaction of creative achievement and a good financial return for your efforts. Successful writers do not lounge waiting for inspiration. They sit with pen, typewriter or word processor and they start writing. They write regularly because they have disciplined themselves to do so and because they want to.

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I am a Writer – Photo Credits: Pixabay

Try to write everyday, even if it is only for a few minutes. This can be notes for future reference, a synopsis for an article, the plot of a story or simply letters to friends or relatives. This regular writing helps to keep the mind fresh, active and creative. Many writers find keeping a diary very helpful for this and it can have the added advantage of being a rich source of wrting ideas when you look back through it.

  • When to Write

It does not matter when you write. One person may rise early and write for two or three hours before breakfast when they feel most mentally alert and creative. Other may write when most people are asleep, though these writers are less common perharps due to having other commitments during the day. Only you will know, due to your circumstances and mental make-up, when is the best time to do your creative writing. Just as you must decide for yourself #when to write, you must also decide on #howmuch to write at each session.

  • Where to Write

There are writers who are unable to work unless the environment is suitable with no distractions. On the other hand, some people believe that a writer should be able to write anywhere, oblivious to his surroundings – lost in his own creative world. If you are one of those people who can be creative while all around you the hurly-burly of the world goes on, then you are fortunate indeed. For those of you who are not gifted, you should find a place to write where you are happy and comfortable.

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