Search Engine Crawlers are Looking for Juicy and Healthy Articles

Search engine foe healthy foods and drinks
Search Engine Crawlers for Healthy foods and drinks

Search Engine crawlers are always looking for juicy and healthy articles. They are visiting sites 24/7 to look for healthy drinks and foods. The same with the online readers – every now and then are surfing the Net to look for articles and other items of good quality.

  • How to attract crawlers and surfers to your site?

There are many ways how to attract readers and how to invite search engine crawlers to visit and crawl your articles. The process is simple and easy as 123 steps. I am not telling you to follow my suggestions but if you considered them helpful to grow the size of your audience and get higher returns on your articles you may grab the ideas. Below are eight ways to attract readers and search engine crawlers to your article pages.

  • (1) Consider telling a story with those facts on your article

Blend a story that your audience can connect to or relate to with those facts you stated on you article. Facts are about something that actually exists, something known to exist or to have happened or a truth known by actual experience or observation. Work your best to present those facts with your story. They can help hook and attract readers.

  • (2) Speak or communicate to one person

Your article will communicate directly to a single reader. Use You instead of him and her. Show them that you are talking directly to them and not to just to anyone out there. It is a great way to start forming a relationship with your readers or visitors.

  • (3) Write original articles with quality contents

Write your article in a fresh and original way. And make sure your article is built soundly with proper grammar, punctuation, correct spelling and if possible it is not yet published somewhere else. Speaking of quality content – it does not focus mainly on the right use of correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling. Quality contentsare about searchable words or keywords you injected in your articles. You don’t need to write your article scholarly. Use simple and understandable English. Simple English is considered the best English in the world. Write short sentences. They help avoid grammar errors.

  • (4) Write your articles and make them interesting, inspiring and entertaining ones

Here you can bring your personal experiences and stories into your articles to be incorporated with those facts you injected on your articles. Many writers are using this technique. They are effective. There are readers who always love reading positive stories from other people.

  • (5) Inject the best keywords and tags on your articles

Keywords and tags are usually found in your article contents. They are normal searchable words. Here are some samples that crawlers and spiders love to crawl like Weight loss, Hair loss, Yoga, Dog training, Stress and Anxiety, Diseases, Games, Sports, Get abs, Muscle building, Relationships, dating, get your ex back, Satellite TV, Music, Film & Television, Architecture, Fashion, Tattoo, Forex Debt, Debt Reduction, Credit repair, Betting/gambling, Poker, Self improvement, Registry cleaners, Cooking, Internet marketing, Beauty, Stop Smoking,Gardening, Learn languages, Parenting, Pregnancy, Education /Study abroad, Astrology and Traveling.

  • (6) Apply creativity on your articles

Tell a new story with every article you write. Break the pattern and becomeartistic. The more you integrate your artfulness into your articles, the more likely you’ll start to gain a wider and bigger audience.

  • (7) Promote your articles on social networks after publication

There are more than 400 of social networks and book marking tools where you can promote your published articles like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and etc. At Facebook there are many ways to share your articles to your friends, family and other Facebook users. There you can find hundreds or even thousands of Facebook groups – give it a try to become a member of those groups.

  • (8) Submit your articles to search engines

There are two ways how to submit articles to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can submit each published article to Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also submit your articles to those search engines by bulk by using your profile link.

The process is easy as 123. In your browser, write submit to Google news or submit to Bing. You will be redirected to a section where you can submit the link of your article or your profile link to Google or Bing. For Yahoo, you can submit your published articles or your profile link to Yahoo bookmark section. In your browser, write Yahoo Bookmark and you will be redirected to the site.

That’s all for now.

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