How to Produce Article with Good Search Engine Optimization Score

To produce article with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score, you writer should determine first for a keyword that would describe your subject topic and then use it as your focus keyword and make sure it appears in the article title, in the URL of your article title also known as permalink, in the meta description of your title, in the first paragraph copy of your article and in the rest of the article you are cooking. Also use the focus keyword in the caption of your image – if you were about to include some photographs on your post as well as in the alt text of your photo.

Produce and grill yummy bangus
Produce inihaw na bangus.

All of the above information I have just disclosed to you are merely based from my blogging experience since I started it in 2000 with some of the revenue sharing sites like hubpages, expertscolumn, wikinut and triond when they were still on operation and with my own blog site I am maintaining everyday. My blogging experience with those sites has taught me a lot that includes on how to produce an article with good grammar and with relevant contents as well as on how to promote my published articles to search engines and to social networks available online.

Beginner writers are working hard to produce article with good grammar and with relevant contents. Yes. It is a good practice to write a column with less errors. However, you writer should also consider that no matter how good are your articles and you perfectly has written them with perfect grammar and yet still they did not attract online crawlers to crawl over them – you might say it is not fair but you should accept it because now search engine crawlers are looking for keywords relevant to article pages they visited. And it happened that they wanted to see the keyword first in the title. And one keyword is enough to attract search engine crawlers to hang on to your article page.

Produce and cook sinigang bangus
Produce sinigang bangus

After I created my blog site here at altervista on the 25th of September 2016, I already published at least 40 articles with good SEO scores according to Yoast SEO scorer Team. Each of the 40 published articles has one focus keyword used. Below is a list of the 40 keywords I had applied for my first 40 articles published on this blog namely:

  • Pinoy, Reason, Peace and Order, Riyadh, Life, Writer, Fidel V. Ramos, Writer, Mayon Volcano, Government Taxes, Affiliate Marketing
  • Hosting Sites, Search Engine, Google Adsense, Duterte, Ordinary Foods, Complaints, Glory Days, Famous, Puppet Leader, Expresion
  • Miss Universe, Hell, People Power, Duterte, Philipines, Ping, Archbishop Walk-Out, Sex Videos, Jewish Organizations, Liberal Party Philippines
  • Samarnon Guerillas, Sexual Fantasies, Dreams, WorldWide, Australian Netizens, President Duterte, Senator Leila de Lima and PruelJourney
Produce and cook homemade spaghetti
Produce homemade spaghetti

Now this article will be my 41st. The focus keyword I used is ‘Produce’ and the Yoast SEO Team has given me a green light which means the keyword I applied for this article is not just ok but good and they considered it that this is a friendly article with good SEO score plus the focus keyword is also used on the images I included to this post. Below is the Yoast SEO Team analysis for this article.

  • The focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy
  • The keyword density is 1.3% which is great; the focus keyword was found 7 times
  • The meta description contains the focus keyword
  • In the specified meta description is equal to the recommended characters not less than 156 and not more than 200
  • The images on this page conatin alt attributes with the focus keyword
  • The text contains 705 words. This is more than or equal to the rcommended minimum of 300 words
  • The page title has a nice length
  • The focus keyword apears in the URL for this page
  • And you have never used this focus keyword before, very good

In writing article with good SEO score is just like cooking that needs other ingredients. And through practice a writer can produce good article with relevant contents. Just look at the above point of scores I only used one focus keyword for the whole article.

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