The Population Expansion Will Result to Many Environmental Problems

The population expansion will result to many environment problems. The Inter Academy Panel Statement on Population Growth has stated that many environmental problems, such as:

  • rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide,
  • global warming,
  • and pollution, are aggravated by the population expansion.

Other problems associated with the population expansion include:

  • the increased demand for resources such as fresh water and food,
  • starvation and malnutrition,
  • consumption of natural resources faster than the rate of regeneration (such as fossil fuels)
  • and a decrease in living conditions.
Population Expansion - China
Population Expansion China Map Photo Credits: World Atlas

Many people believed that China and India are the most blessed countries based from the total population living in those regions and it is also believed by many people in the world that if those people living in those regions as per to the total number of population of China and India which are highlighted below will jump simultaneously – they can even produce an earthquake.

As of 9:28 AM, November 19, 2016, the world population has increased drastically from seven billion to 7,465,308,985. And the Top ten largest countries by population is lead by China, followed by India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico. See the below list for more details.

  • Country: China
    Population: 1,384,767,278
  • Country: India
    Population: 1,332,968,351
  • Country: United States
    Population: 325,033,978
  • Country: Indonesia
    Population: 261,762,176
  • Country: Brazil
    Population: 210,239,758
  • Country: Pakistan
    Population: 194,363,082
  • Country: Nigeria
    Population: 188,879,455
  • Country: Bangladesh
    Population: 163,660,649
  • Country: Russia
    Population: 143,433,198
  • Country: Mexico
    Population: 129,264,526

Looking at the above  number of World total population including of the top ten most populated countries, I could say that the population expansion is drastically increasing every now and then or in every second, minute, hour of the day. And I might say also that it is not yet too late to adapt family planning to reduce the expected problems which are the results and effects of population expansion.

Source of Ideas and other Info: World Atlas and Political Geography

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