Poll: Among the Three Personalities De Lima, Agot Isidro, VP Robredo – Who is the Most Famous and Controversial?

Sen Leila De Lima
Sen Leila De Lima: Famous and Controversial- Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

This is a public-opinion survey in which all of you my would-be readers and visitors are cordially invited by yours truly to participate with this poll that I carefully designed. The method is simple. You will answer the question by choosing one of the three candidates whom you feel that she is the most famous, most hot subject to talk about, most popular, and most controversial personality that has become the favorite for the netizens bashingtrips.

  • The question is that: Among the three personalities – De Lima, Agot Isidro and VP Robredo – Who is the most popular for you? The most famous for you? The most hot subject to talk about for you? The most controversial personality for you?

Popularity is the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people. While famous means it is known by many people. And controversial – it is the giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement. Its synonyms: debatable, arguable, hot and disputable.

VP Robredo
VP Robredo Famous and Controversial : Photo Credits FacebookGroupOfFriends

Below are short accounts or short details of the three personalities who are the subjects for this public-opinion survey.

Senator Leila De Lima has become famous, popular and controversial across the internet with her sex video scandal, then followed when she became the Chairman of the Senate Committee of Justice on Human Rights to investigate the EJK that eventually replaced by Senator Gordon as the new Chair with votes of 16 against 4+2-2. Her popularity increased when her name was allegedly connected to illegal drugs as drug-protector. Netizens addressed her by many names like: Walk-out queen of Philippine Ssenate, Magdalina ng Senado, Liar queen, Tuwad queen, Kubol queen, Bilibid dancing and concert queen, Presscon queen and Defenders of criminals.

Ms. Isidro and VP Robredo
Ms Agot Isidro & VP Robredo – Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

Agot Isidro is a famous actress-singer. She has gained many supporters and fans in showbusiness. But awhile ago, she has become controversial online and has become the target of netizens bashingtrips when she intentionally attacked President Duterte by calling him a psychopath.

VP Robredo belongs to Liberal Party, the same as Senator De Lima. Most of Filipinos believed that she is not the true Vice President. For them, she is a fake vice president. They believed that she won the vice presidency by election fraud or through the PCOS votes. Her early months as Vice President of Philippines were enjoyed on traveling to USA for personal meetings with her US supporters. Her first 100 days as VP cannot be compared to President Duterte’s achievements.

Ok guys, that is all for now. Enjoy the poll. See you around again.

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