If there is Peace and Order in the Country as well as Drug Addictions and Corruptions are Eradicated, Poverty in Philippines could be Reduced

Poverty in Philippines could be reduced if there is peace and order in the country as well as the drug addictions and corruptions are eradicated.

Peace and Order needed to reduce Poverty
Buhay OFW sa Mundo: Peace and Order is needed to reduce Poverty as well as drug addiction and corruption are eradicated

Mahirap ang buhay ng mga OFWs. But despite all these, we, Overseas Filipino Workers are patiently working hard because we want a brighter future for our families and at the same time help improve our country’s ailing economy through the billions of dollars remittances that we send home.

We, OFWs are calling the attentions of all the Senators specially those Senators who are opposing the Duterte’s administration and questioning his leadership to run the country namely: Senator Trillanes, Drillon, Hontiveros, De Lima and other politicians and public officials to set aside their personal interests instead become united in supporting Duterte’s all of his advocacies to dressing up the Philippines into greatness again.

These Senators and other public officials should see and consider our greatest sacrifices in foreign lands. It is not enough for us Overseas Filipino Workers to be called as the “Modern Day Heroes”. They should stop bickering and pointing fingers to the newly organized administration. They should unite with Duterte and help cure the country’s debilitating social diseases.

We want them to show vision, unity, determination and motivation to give the Filipino good governance and work hard to achieve peace and order in the country for more investors to invest business. That means more jobs for the Filipinos and better chance to eradicate corruptions and drug addictions for good.

The Philippines is considered as one of the top labor exporting among the Asian countries. In Saudi Arabia alone, there are approximately 1.3 million OFWs and are commonly working in hospitals, establishments, construction firms, industrial companies, private and government offices, supermarkets and malls, hotels and restaurants with courage, dedication and commitment.

In behalf of over ten million OFWs scattering around the world and the Filipino people, we are asking you Senator Leila De Lima, Drillon, Trillaness and Hontiveros konting hiya naman sa inyong mga sarili. Magtrabaho kayo para sa ikabubuti ng bansang Pilipinas and help maintain peace and order in the country.

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