Ordinary Foods Can Become Miracle Medicaments

Ordinary foods red pepper
Ordinary Foods Red Pepper – Photo Credits: Pixabay

There are ordinary foods that can become miracle medicaments when eaten. Anyone can eat ordinary foods at home, at the office, schools, at the parks, or in the lobby and other imaginable places. These ordinary foods are available in the market and sold fresh and frozen at low prices.

At fish market, the tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines are sold by gram or by piece. Some nutritional experts have found that fish like tuna, salmon as well as mackerels are good to prevent arthritis which is the imflammations of one or more joints of our body structure, and the fish oil helps prevent headaches.

Another ordinary food like yogurt is good for the treatment of hay fever. And by the way, drinking tea can prevent the buildup of fatty deposits on artery walls that causes mild strokes or heart attack. Honey is good for insomia – it can be used also as a sedative and tranquilizer for muscle-relaxing effect. Bananas are good for an upset stomach as well as ginger can cure morning sickness and nausea.

Ordinary foods Salmon meat
Ordinary foods Salmon meat – Photo Credits: Pixabay

For a bladder infection, cranberry juice is good. It produces high acid that controls harmful bacteria and eating onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes. While cornflakes help reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue. For diarrhea – eat apples with its skin.

The manganese found in pineapple can help prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis – a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous brittle and subject to fracture. The zinc in oysters helps improve our mental functioning and it is good for memory problems. Garlic a hardy plant, allium sativum of the anyrillis family with a strongly pungent bulb and red pepper that has the pungent dried berries of the tropical climbing shrub pipper nigrum – can be used as a whole, crushed or ground as a condiment are good for common colds.

During those years I was in Saudi Arabia, the most common problems I have encountered were the common colds and cough. This was because of the weather and climate condition and the air I breathed from air-conditioning infection in the office or at home.

Ordinary foods garlic and red pepper
Ordinary foods garlic and red pepper- Photo Credits: Pixabay

A running nose, sneezing in the morning were so devastating. In spite I had already had taken plenty of medicines that my doctor had adviced they seemed they had not worked. Until I tried the garlic and the red pepper, my colds and cough have gone without taken any anbiotics.

I mixed the juices of the garlic and the red pepper with water and sugar to have a sweet taste. I boiled the mixture in the pan, until it became brown syrup and transferred it to a clean bottle. From those mixtures, I would drink one tablespoon in the morning and at noon and two tablespoon at night before I sleep. It worked!

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