There are Million Reasons to Protect President Duterte

The below list is the first ‘Twenty’ I initially compiled that I believe are valid reasons why we should protect our newly elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte and I also thought that the million Filipinos living in Philippines as well as living in foreign lands should become aware of the danger that our president is currently dealing with from the first day he officially took the office of presidency in the “People’s Palace”.

Reasons why protect Duterte
Reasons why we should protect our President Duterte: Photo Credits- FacebookGroupOfFriends
  1. Duterte received several threats because of his war against drug.
  2. Drug lords, drug users, drug protectors wanted for Duterte’s life.
  3. Many narco-politicians were revealed because of his war against drug.
  4. A rumored of php 50 million worth for his head has leaked.
  5. Human Rights Advocates wanted him to send off to jail as they believed Duterte is behind the ExtraJudicial Killings.
  6. The UN, US and EU believed that Duterte is abusing his power.
  7. He is tag as dictator by his political opponents.
  8. Many of his political enemies wanted him dead.
  9. The YellowTeam hired biased media networks to demoralize his credibility.
  10. Biased media networks from Philippines are feeding false news reports about Duterte’ plight to International media and International communities.
  11. Duterte’s war against drugs has become a world-wide talks.
  12. Many of formers leaders of this country envied and jealoused of his tremendous achievements.
  13. Tens of thousands drug-users-pushers have surrendered.
  14. His war against drugs captured many drug-users-pushers.
  15. There were hundreds of drug-users-pushers killed who resisted during the police operations.
  16. Many of his enemies believed that there was no due process given to killed victims during the police manhunts.
  17. Catholic bishops wanted him to resign.
  18. Senator Leila De Lima became wild because she is believed as drug protector of drug lords.
  19. Senators Trillanes, Hontiveros, De Lima, Bam Aquino, Pangilinan, Drillon and other Human Rights Groups including the VP Robredo and other political opponents are believed planning to oust Duterte.
  20. Former president Ramos criticized Duterte for his dirty mouth and as well wanted him to become a puppet leader.

This is my simple way to show my 100% support to our newly elected President Duterte that I also believe that most of the Filipinos in the world have the same feelings specially for those who voted him and sent off him to Malacanang. Let us always be united in supporting our president. He was the chosen one blessed by the Almighty God to lead the Filipinos for better Philippines.

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