Lovely Women ‘Leila, Leni and Loida’ Barking in Front of President Duterte

Nobody has predicted it before that during the presidency of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the three lovely women will arrive in full force and with full of fury barking in front of President Duterte for his down fall. They are all professional and are considered successful women in this generation in terms of their chosen careers. I am quite surprised to know them – their names are all started with the same letter L – they are Leila, Leni and Loida. As you all know, these three lovely women have become famous with their dirty tricks to demoralize Duterte and his Administration.

Three Lovely Women: Leila, Leni and Loida
Three Lovely Women: Leila, Leni and Loida

If we will look back at our Philippine History or just a short glance to our Philippine Politics History – from the time of former president Marcos down to Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo and Noynoy Aquino – there was no recorded of incidents that those past presidents have had experienced an angry disputes or altercations with a lovely Senator, a vice president and a Fil-AM woman as the same as what is happening today under the Duterte’s leadership. These three lovely women have contributed much troubles against President Duterte on his war against drug menace, crimes and corruption.

Sa likod ng mga ginagawa nitong ‘tatlong diyosa ng kasamaan’ iisa ang puntong nakikita ko – hindi nila matanggap na natalo ang kanilang pangsabong manok pagka-presidente na si Mar Roxas kay Mayor Duterte. Milyong-milyong salapi ang ginastos nila sa nakaraang eleksyon at dahil sa natalo wala nang pagkakataon na mabawi pa nila ang nagastos nila noon. Humina ang pasada sa druga at ngayon ay tuluyang humina ang kikitaing pera mula sa drug industry. If you would be asked my brothers and sisters Filipino from around the world – would you just ignore to the plot of the YellowTards to oust the president?



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