Let Us Make Philippines a Place Without Enemies to Fear

Bituka ng Manok
Bituka ng Manok – papuntang Leyte, Samar – Project of former President Marcos – Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOf Friends

Because of lack control of people’s pride, lust, anger and envy, the Philippines is tormenting. Bloodshed is everywhere.

I wish Philippines to become a peaceful place – with my pen, I would write a beautiful song about the beauty of love and care of Filipinos.

The song will suggests the people to live for love for the year-round, with good things to share to others unselfishly.

I would request the stubborn wind, to sing the song loudly for people to hear – when they heard it, they will forget their differences and they will unite to cure the Philippines of its debilitating ills.

They will stop bickering among themselves and leveling accusations against their leader, that will only add to the chaos and fear.

The song will induce radicals to stop demonstrations and rallies, all that they do is to add to the fear of investors, depriving themselves of the investments needed to kick start the economy.

Philippines Map
Philippines Map connecting island to island: Photo Credits – FacebookGroupOfFriends

The song will inspire our officials and politicians to cooperate, to give the people good governance, and will drive them to show vision, unity, determination, responsibility and motivation.

If they do that, they can eliminate the illegal drugs, drug addictions, poverty, crimes and eradicate corruptions from our beloved country.

They song will inject some friendly requests – for the terrorists, Abu Sayyaf, NPAs other leftists and rightists, they should stop attacking and killing people in the country.

That is to avoid war between our own brothers and sisters Filipinos to come by because war is bad enough.

The song will portray the true beauty of the Philippines, where all the Filipinos are caring and loving to one another, with a common interest towards unity.

And the Philippines would become a congenial place to live in without enemies to fear!

This is the love song that I wanted to sing with you guys out there – sing with me…

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