‘KaniyaKaniyangBayad’ is One of The 37 Hot and Popular American Slang

Below are first ten of thirty-seven popular American slang (words and phrases) used and spoken by American and other nationals round the world with corresponding meanings like:

  • Ace – to succeed or do well
  • Blow or Bomb – to fail or to be unsuccessful
  • Blue or Have the blues – to feel depressed or sad
  • Buck – one dollar
  • By the skin of your teeth – just barely
  • Cool – agreeable; okay
  • Cop – a police officer
  • Couch Potato – a lazy person; one who sits and watches TV
  • Cram – to study feverishly before an exam
  • Crash – to go to sleep; or to show up without invitation

The word cram is one of the most popular American slang used and applied normally by almost all students around the world specially before the examination takes place. Students have normally forced and pressed all their lessons for one time study.

American Slang Dutch = KKB Filipinos
American Slang Dutch or Go Dutch means KKB for Filipino Slang: Photo Credits Abbreviations.com

For the Filipinos Dutch (American Slang) means KKB

Below are another ten of the 37 hot and popular American slang:

  • Down to earth – practical, simple
  • Drive up the wall – to irritate
  • Dutch or Go Dutch – each person pays for his or her own meal
  • Get under one’s skin – bother
  • Give the cold shoulder – ignore
  • Give a ring – to telephone
  • Hang out – to gather in a casual and social manner
  • Hang-over – the physical effects of heavy drinking (headache)
  • Hit the books – study
  • Hit the road – to leave

For the Filipinos, the word Dutch or Go Dutch is very common and usually applied by some group of friends or peers. Although, Filipinos don’t used the word Dutch or Go Dutch instead, KKB (kan’ya-kan’yang bayad) or pays his own meal or food he orders that includes drinks.

Below are another ten of the 37 hot and popular American slang:

  • Hold your horse – be calm
  • Jock – an athlete
  • The “Late” Mr. Smith – a term used when the person is dead
  • Lemon – bad buy or purchase
  • Once in a blue moon – infrequent
  • Oops – said after a small mistake
  • Pass the buck – transfer responsibility to someone else
  • Piece of cake – easy or effortless
  • Pig out – to overeat
  • Pop quiz – an exam that is not announced

The phrase pop quiz is one of the many strategies that teachers and professors are applied to test their students about preparedness in school. Many of the students failed for this exam.

Below is the last 7 of the 37 hot and popular American slang:

  • Rip-off – overcharge or steal
  • R.S.V.P (from French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît = please respond) the formal reply to an invitation, by phone or mail
  • Shoot the breeze – talk
  • Spill the beans – reveal a secret
  • Take a rain-check – do at another time; postpone
  • Take for granted – to assume
  • What’s up? – How are you?

I found out that users of Facebook, frequently used RSVP when sending invitations to their Facebook friends, inviting them to attend parties, business meetings, training and seminars and other hang outs.

American slang (words and phrases) are not only used or spoken by the American but also used or spoken by other nationals. It is hot and popular. American slang is not only ingenious and amusing – it not only provides new names for a series of everyday concepts – it also says about something. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias define the word popularity as fact or condition of being well-liked by the people. The popularity of American Slang is measured by the number of users – who used them and liked them.

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