Are You Duterte’s Enemies? Hanggang Kailan? Captions of AlJazeera Interview

Duterte Interview
Duterte’s interview with AlJazeera Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriend

Our president is fighting against drugs which is a pandemic to our country. He is fighting terrorists, fighting the narco-politicians, fighting corruptions, and fighting for a better Philippines. Pero kayong mga mapanglinlang ay pa press, presscon lang, working hard to drag President Duterte down. And furiously calling the Filipino people to oust the president. Kailan pa kayo magigising para tulungan ang ating pangulo?

(Please note: The first three photos included on this article are kuha ng si Pangulong Duterte ay minsan na interview ng AlJazeera Philippines. Read all the captions of text of the photographs. The Photo Credits belong to #FacebookGroupOfFriends).

Duterte Interview
Duterte interview with AlJazeera Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

Ano pa ba ang hahanapin ninyo? President Duterte has done so much good for the country in his first 100 days. He has reduced corruptions in public offices. And look how many drug addicts have surrendered and are now starting improving their lives. What I see, President Duterte is doing his very best to make the Philippines a better place for you and me.

Duterte Interview
Duterte Interview with AlJazeera Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

Ngayon ang presidente natin is on his travels to meet the Brunei leaders as well as to meet China leaders. Hindi yon pangsarili lamang. He is with those leaders to discuss kung papaano tayo magkaroon ng magandang relasyon sa kanila para maiwasan ang anumang sigalot na puwede mangyari kung mapapabayaan. Hindi para isuko at lumuhod sa kanila. Alalahanin ninyo si Pangulong Duterte is not a puppet leader that Philippines has produced.

Duterte is God's Choice
Duterte is God’s Choice through the Filipino voters of 16 million+ Photo Credits FacebookGroupOfFriends

Here is a verbatim of what President Duterte said on his speech on October 15 in  Batangas province. I quote, “I tend to believe now, that it was God who gave it to me. Don’t scare me, you people from Manila with your plan to hold a rally next year and remove me from office. Because if I go, that is part of my destiny. That is what it is so don’t come out in newspapers warning Duterte about a coup d’etat or others. If I become President for just two months or two years, that is part of my destiny, what God gave me. So I just let them threaten me with launching a coup d’etat or people power, these sons of a….But if I reach six years, you’re all dead.”

If you read the photo captions and get the message into your hearts – you will understand that what our president is doing now is to make this country Philippines great again. And he needs our supports. Siya ang itinalaga ng Maylikha, dapat lang na tanggapin natin nang maluwag sa puso at isipan!

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