De Lima’s Ambition is Good but Her Sexual Fantasies Pull Her Down

De Lima’s ambition is good but her sexual fantasies pulled her down. Watch the above video for more details.

To become fair to Senator Leila de Lima, during her days as the Chairman for Human Rights and DOJ (Department Of Justice) Secretary, she has become an iron lady – running after people who violated the law mandated in Philippines Constitution. She has become the most trusted cabinet member among the cabinet personnel of the former Aquino administration. Her department was mobilized fully to impeach the former SC (Supreme Court) Chief Justice Corona now a dead meat. She has stopped the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to go out of the country for her medical treatment – ignoring the Supreme Court’s TRO and sent off Gloria Arroyo to hospital-house-arrest for the whole term of Pnoy. And also has helped to kick off the three Senators out of the Senate who were believed involved in the “Pork Barrel Scam” with Janet Napolis.

Senator Leila de Lima
Senator Leila de Lima

And somewhere in 2014, with the help of NBI and PDEA forces, she has led and made a surprise raid to “Pambansang Piitan” and succeeded to stop the illegal drugs inside the “bilibid” prison according to her reports. This incident has made her popular and helped her determined to run for Senatorial bet in the May 2016 election under the LP political party also known the YellowTards. Yes. She won as one of the 12 lucky Senators for the 2016 Senatorial bets but her winning was believed was through by the manipulation of the PCOS machine that was controlled by the COMELEC Chairman Bautista who happened to be a close relative to the former president Noynoy Aquino.

Nang si De Lima ay naka puwesto na sa Senado bilang is sa 24 Philipine Senators, tuloy parin ang kaniyang kakaibang ambisyon – ambisyong sirain ang kridibilidad ng Pangulong Duterte together with the other senators that belong to LP political party na sila Drillon, Trillanes, Hontiveros, Bam Aquino at Pangilinan with their loyalties which are believed by the million Filipinos are only for the LP party not for the country. Senator De Lima has become the number one critique of President Duterte. She bacame the Senate Chairman of Human Rights on Justice. Being the Chairman of the committee, she filed a resolution to investigate the ExtraJudicial Killings and was approved by the Senate Committee that according to her, the purpose is to aid of legislation.


The Senate inquiry started. Senator De Lima has presented so many witnesses to validate that the killings happening in the countryside are considered as ExtraJudicial Killings under the administration of President Duterte. The so called ExtraJudicial Kilings inquiry in the Senate is the result when President Duterte has intensified his war against illegal drugs that started on July 1, 2016, the day after President Rodrigo Roa Duterte took his pledge as the newly elected President of the Philippines on June 30, 2016. This war against the illegal drugs was a success in terms of people who were drug-users-pushers have surrendered that numbered 712,000 plus, 12,000 plus of drug-pushers-users who were arrested and hundreds of killed who resisted against police operations.

The Senate inquiry of the ExtraJudicial Killings has become the talks of biased media networks in the Philippines. It has attracted the International communities especially the International Human Rights Watch. Because of the wrong information fed to them, they immediately believed that President Duterte has violated the Human Rights on his war against drugs in the country without consideridng the validity of news stories they received. They looked down the president’s method in dealing with the problem. Til now the Senate inquiry of the so called ExtraJudicial Killings is still on progress but it is under the new chairmanship of Senator Gordon who replaced Senator De Lima – read more: Senator Leila de Lima blames Duterte for Her Ouster.

On the other side – the Philippine Congress, has also started with their investigation against Senator Leila de Lima. And it is already on progress. The purpose is to prove that De Lima is connected to illegal drugs in the country. To prove that the money she used during her election campaigns were taken from the druglords. To prove that she is the drug protectors of those captured highly profile druglords now in the bilibid prison. And of course, to prove also that De Lima is innocent. As of this moment the Kamara’s inquiry is not yet finish but so far, the results of the investigation based from the witnesses’ testimonies all are leading to Senator de Lima. Now Sen de Lima has become wild. On her privilege speech in the Senate, and her other appearances on news interviews on televisions, she deliberately pointing fingers to President Duterte accussing him as the man behind the Kamara investigation.

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