Coffee Has Diuretic Effects and It Contents Drug Called Caffeine

Some Books and Encyclopedias tell us that Coffee is an important commodity and a popular beverage. Over 400 billion cups are consumed in the world every day. In America there are more than 150 million Americans who are 18 and older who drink it on a daily basis. Sixty-five percent of drinkers are consuming their hot beverage in the morning. As recorded there are 25 million small producers rely on it for a living. For instance, in Brazil alone, where almost a third of the entire world’s coffee is produced, over 5 million people are employed in the cultivation and harvesting of over 3 billion of these plants.

A cup of black coffee
A cup of black coffee – photo credits: Wikimedia/Wikipedia Commons

It is a popular beverage and contents anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are widely used as ingredients in dietary supplements and have been investigated for the prevention of diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and even altitude sickness. It has diuretic effects and it contents drug called caffeine. Will you still consider coffee a healthy drink?

If you’re addicted coffee drinker and you consumed at least 10 glasses everyday – your body absorbed also 1,350 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is classified chemically as a drug. Some scientific studies found that the total caffeine contents in a glass are approximately 135 mg.

Associated with those findings there are some good effects from drinking coffee such as:

    • It refreshes the mood condition of a person.
    • It helps protect our body and fights against diabetes.
    • It helps relax our brain from overworks.
    • It helps a person to stay awake for a longer time.
    • And it has anti-oxidants.

There are also bad effects from drinking it like:

    • You will become an addict drinker because of the drug present on it.
    • It destroys your sleep scheduled time.
    • It helps increase the cholesterol of your body.
    • It causes headache or severe migraine.
    • It is not advisable with some conditions like: Pregnant women and women who are on their breast feedings. People with heart failures. People with high blood pressures. People with high cholesterol. People with kidney stones, stroke or blood clots. People with insomnia. And people who are allergic with coffee.

If a person is already addicted to drink it – some experts’ advice the following:

    • After drinking the coffee – he must follow up it by drinking more water.
    • If he can afford – he should take some vitamins and minerals supplements as they can help replace those electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that were taken out from the body because of diuretic effects of coffee.
    • It was also found that to drink coffee after meal has bad effects to your body blood sugar level.
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