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Hosting Sites WordPress
One of Hosting Sites: WordPress – Pixabay

Nowadays, there are lots of sites available online to host a blog. It either for a text blog or for a photo blog. Below are six hosting sites which I found awesome to work with. And based from my experiences with those sites, I have the pleasure to recommend them to you. I considred them the best hosting sites to host and to cater your blog and blogging activities online. They are all active, updated and all available on the Net.

WordPress is considered by many online users as one of the best hosting site for your blog and blogging activities online. Users of WordPress are fully supported by WordPress tools, plugins, widgets and other online tools needed for your blogging hobby. Every now and then its staff and its developers are working hard hand in hand to improve their software programs and they are adapting new innovations and techniques to enhance them for faster use and delivery. So you can use WordPress for your blog.

There is also blogger to host your blog. Blogger is one of the many properties owned by Google. To create a blog at blogger is just as easy as one to three steps too. It is equipped with all the tools, widgets and plugins needed for your blogging activities. Since it is owned by Google Inc., you can be assured for a 100% supports from blogger, and when you apply for Google Adsense, it will take you for a shorter time to get the approval of your Google Adsense Account.

Hosting Sites for Photo Blog
Hosting Sites for Photo Blog: Photo Credits – FacebookGroupOfFriends

Of course, there are other hosting sites that are also available to host your blog and blogging hobby online. One is ExpertsColumn. This site accepts writers or columnists. You should register on their site. Once you’re approved you can now start creating your blog under the category you have chosen and immediately start writing and publishing your best articles. At ExpertsColumn you can create many blogs of different categories as you like. And what is good about the site, you don’t need to associate your Google Adsense Account. Just publish your original columns and you will earn.

There is also weebly for blog sites and websites. It is open to anyone. You can start your blogging activities with weebly as a free users. Of course, the site is also accepting users to become pro with a reasonable charges. The site is also equipped with online tools, widgets and plugins needed for your blog. At Weebly, you can associate your Google Adsense Account to motenize your blog.

Another hosting site where you can write and publish your original write-ups is HubPages. You can become their member after you register on their site. And you can associate your Google Adsense Account to earn from Google ads. The site is a sharing income site. The site’s income is shared by its members. But the site does not accept articles that are already published somewhere else. So if you are interested to blog for HubPages you should only publish your original article on their site.

Another hosting site that I can recommend to you is Altervista. This is my newest discovery of a site that hosts blog for your online blogging hobby. Altervista is partnered with WordPress. So if you would use this site for your blogging activities, you can be assured too that you will be supported the best by the site. And because it is partnered with WordPress, you can use all the tools, widgets, plugins and other online tools needed for your blog. And you can associate also your Google Adsense Account with Altervista ads to be available on every pages of your published articles. This means you earn from Altervista ads as well as from Google Adsense ads. And what is good for this site, it is you to control your blog.

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