How to Apply for a Google Adsense Account to Monetize Your Blog

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To apply for a Google Adsense Account to monetize your blog site or website, the method is as easy as one to three steps. The first thing you should determine is to have a valid email address with a valid password because they are important when applying for a Google Adsense Account. It can be a gmail email address, a yahoo email address, a hotmail email address or other email addresses from other hosting sites available online.

If your passion is to blog and blogging online, then that passion can earn you while you are happily writing articles for a particular topic and category and you loved them to share them to your online audience: online friends, close relatives and to other online surfers. Google Adsense will help you and provides you all the relevant ads for your articles contents. There are Google Adsense ads that generate income when they are viewed and clicked aside the earnings generated from article’s views published at your blog site or website.

Aside from owning a valid email address with a valid password, you would need to run your own blog site or website. If you are capable to pay for a blog designer and creator and register it under your name or business name then you did the right thing. However, nowadays there are lot of hosting sites competing each other to host your online blog – it either for text blogging or for photo blogging.

Google Adsense Bag Money
Google Adsense Bag Money- Pixabay

To apply for a Google Adsense Account you would need the following:

  • A valid email with a valid password
  • A blog site or a website where you blog
  • Equipped your blog with many contents
  • Your blog site or website received at least 1000 views and 100 visitors for the past 30 days of your blogging activities
  • Your blog site or website does not contain explicit materials or adults contents
  • Your blog site or website should become a SEO friendly
  • Your blog site or website publishes original contents

At the time you apply for a Google Adsense Account you will be asked the following:

  • Your valid email address with valid password
  • The site link or site address where to associate your Google Adsense Account if approved
  • Your personal information: Full name, Contact address, Contact telephone or mobile phone and etc.
  • After completing the needed information, push the button #Submit
  • Google Adsense Staff will check your blog to make sure that all the requirements needed are meet
  • If they found that your blog site has failed the requirements your application will be temporary disapproved. You will be sent off some advise to complete the task. Once you done it, resubmit your application and a day or two you will receive their approval.
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