The Apple’s Power and Mayon Volcano Part One

Goth was baffled and puzzled with those unusual events that happened to him after he ate the apple when he climbed up Mayon Volcano. He could walk on top of water. He could run as fast as light. He could float and fly in the open air. All of his senses became bionic. He could see creatures from miles away. He could hear voices coming from miles away. He could become an invisible creature, if he wished. He became a strong man. He could do some magic. He could even see what is in store in the future.

Apple's power and mayon volcao
Apple’s power and mayon volcano – photo credits: pixabay

“I’m confused with the power I’ve now. Maybe all these powers were given to me by the dark side and they will use me to destroy the world and the human race,” said Goth confused.

He remembered that those inexplicable events that happened to him had started when he ate fruits of an unknown tree, when he was on his mountain climbing. All of Goth’s powers had started in 2000 when he had encountered some strange experiences. Goth was 18 years old at that time and he loved mountain climbing. For him to reach on top of the mountain was really wonderful experience. He was a tough mountaineer at his young age.

Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano Photo Credits: FacebookGroupOfFriends

One of his dreams was to climb the highest perfect cone of a volcano that was found in the Philippines. It is the Mayon volcano which is standing robustly in the Bicol region, Southern part of the Philippines. Mayon volcano is completely beautiful. It’s 7,926 feet high. Anyone who reaches the place is fascinated to see the Mayon volcano. On top of the volcano are mists and thick clouds surrounding it. At the bottom is green forest where hundreds of different kinds of birds nested. At that time Goth was on his way to climb the Mayon volcano. He was alone and with him was his camera, a bag full of foodstuff, a rope and other stuffs needed for his adventure. He also had a rifle for his protection.

Part two is coming…

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